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Amedeo Modigliani, Portrait of Paulette Jourdain, 1919,
Estimate $25,000,000–35,000,000.
Legendary collector, philanthropist and businessman A. Alfred Taubman’s sprawling Modernist residence in Bloomfield Hills – designed by Alden B. Dow, a disciple of Frank Lloyd Wright – anchored his family life in Michigan. It also became a showcase for a staggering array of great art, much of which will be offered at the first two sales at Sotheby’s dedicated to The Collection of A. Alfred Taubman: Masterworks, on 4 November, and  Modern & Contemporary Art, on 5 November.

Over the course of 70 years, A. Alfred Taubman worked quietly and assiduously to assemble one of the greatest collections of art in private hands. Yet, for a man who lived much of his life in the glare of the public spotlight, remarkably little was known about the vast and diverse trove of masterpieces that hung throughout his homes and offices for decades. Having trained as an architect, Mr. Taubman’s keen aesthetic eye is evident throughout the collection.

Pablo Picasso’s “Femme Assise sur une Chaise,” 1938, is
estimated to sell for $25 million to $35 million.
Credit 2015 Estate of Pablo Picasso/Artists Rights Society (ARS),
New York, via Sotheby's.
From 2-5 October, select masterpieces by iconic Old Master, Impressionist, Modern, Contemporary and American artists will be on view at the Hong Kong Exhibition & Convention Centre. From 10-15 October, masterworks from the collection will be exhibited at Sotheby’s London galleries. These viewings culminate in a dedicated exhibition from 24-27 October at Sotheby’s New York headquarters - a building conceived by Mr. Taubman to bring his vision for the art market to life.

George Wachter, Chairman Sotheby’s Americas, commented: “Our global exhibitions this October will begin to reveal the treasures that Alfred Taubman thoughtfully acquired over decades, offering a window into his remarkable life. The depth and diversity of Mr. Taubman’s collection are staggering, with works spanning every period, genre and medium of creative output -- from the monumental, 3,000-year-old depiction of the Egyptian goddess Sekhmet and Tang Dynasty figure of a court lady, to superlative examples by a striking list of the most celebrated figures in Western art: Raphael and Dürer, Degas and Matisse, O’Keeffe and Sargent, Rothko and Bacon, to name a very few. Mr. Taubman’s passion for great works of art had no restrictions, and thus both established and new collectors will have the rare opportunity to experience and acquire works that reflect his connoisseurship at all price points.”

Mark Rothko’s No. 6/Sienna, Orange on Wine shares a wall with Franz Kline’s Elizabeth, Photography © Steven Brooke Studios.
Across the table, Jackson Pollock’s Black and White Painting III meets Clyfford Still’s PH-218, Photography © Steven Brooke Studios.
Man With Arm Raised, a 1960 oil by Francis Bacon, shares a corner with drawings by Old Masters and Modernists, Photography © Steven Brooke Studios.
In the entryway, visitors are greeted by a trio of postwar American paintings:  Mark Rothko’s Untitled (Lavender and Green), Jasper Johns’ Disappearance I and Roy Lichtenstein’s Female Figure, Photography © Steven Brooke Studios.

Taubman, a trained architect, made several changes to the house to make it more hospitable to the large-scale works he was acquiring. He expanded the common areas and introduced skylights so there was natural light. Unusual for a collector of his magnitude, Taubman was his own curator and arranged the art in his home, often mixing works from different periods and styles. In the living room, a Calder mobile hangs above paintings by a diverse array of artsits, including Picasso, Degas, De Kooning and Balla, Photography © Steven Brooke Studios.
The dining room became a showcase for Abstract Expressionist masterpieces, Photography © Steven Brooke Studios.


Contemporary Istanbul, the region’s premier international art fair, announce the list of galleries and participants for its milestone 10th anniversary.

Contemporary Istanbul, the region’s premier international art fair, is delighted to announce the list of galleries and participants for its milestone 10th anniversary, including participating in the "CI Focus: Contemporary Tehran” and "CI Plugin New Media and Digital Arts” Sections of the fair. As in past years, CI will take place at the Istanbul Congress Centre (ICC) and Istanbul Convention and Exhibition Centre (ICEC) from November 12th to 15th, 2015. 

For its 10th edition, Contemporary Istanbul will bring 102 leading and emerging galleries from 28 cities across 24 countries, including 23 galleries that are participating for the first time. Participating galleries were selected by CI Artistic Advisor Marc-Olivier Wahler and the Selection Committee members – Freda Rozenbaum-Uziyel, Kerimcan Güleryüz, Nathalie Mamane Cohen. 

The CI newcomers include Art Lexing (Miami); Australia China Art Foundation (Shanghai); Galerie Bernard Ceysson (Paris); Corridor Contemporary (Tel Aviv); Dar AL-Anda Art Gallery (Amman); Dastan’s Basement (Tehran); Shirin Gallery (Tehran); Aaran Gallery (Tehran); Lajevardi Foundation- New Media Society (Tehran); Dubner Moderne (Lausanne), l’étrangère (London; Frederic Got (Paris); Karavil Contemporary (London); König Galerie (Berlin), Lazarides Gallery (London); LICHT FELD Gallery (Basel); Galerie Loevenbruck (Paris); Michael Schultz (Berlin); Mika Gallery (Tel Aviv); Galerie Paris-Beijing (Paris); PROPAGANDA (Warsaw); Galería Rosa Santos (Valencia); Vogelsang Gallery (Brussels); Nasui Collection & Gallery (Bucharest); Analix Forever (Geneva); Galeria Contrast (Barcelona); Daniel Marzona (Berlin).  

Jorinde Voigt, Inherited Desire (2),
Ink, Indian Ink, Pastel, Oil Crayon,
Pencil on Paper, 2015, KÖNIG GALERIE.
KÖNIG GALERIE was founded by Johann König in 2002, and currently represents 30 international, emerging and established artists, mostly belonging to a younger generation. The program’s focus is on interdisciplinary, concept-oriented and space-based approaches in a variety of media including sculpture, video, sound, painting, printmaking, photography and performance.

xavierlaboulbenne acted as one of the first galleries to open in Chelsea, New York between 1995-2000 where it represented artists such as Charles Atlas,Marc Brandenburg, Ellen Cantor, Marilyn Minter, Carl Ostendarp, and Michael Sayles, and exhibited works by David Hammons, Pierre Molinier, and Andy Warhol, to name a few. The gallery, relocated to Berlin in 2000, focuses on multi-media artists mainly based in Berlin, and whose work reflects the zeitgeist of the German metropolis.

Analix Forever specializes in international contemporary art, with a particular focus on young creation. Analix Forever is also a place where artists meet, a place where art is discussed, argued about, written about. A place where the boundaries between art, labor, beauty, fashion, media, and communication are constantly reexplored. The gallery was founded in 1991 and is based in Geneva, Switzerland. Active for almost 20 years, Analix Forever is still presenting the most avant-garde and innovating international and Swiss creations.

Galerie koal is committed exclusively to young contemporary art. At Contemporary Istanbul, Galerie koal will represent four young artists from Berlin - Arne Schreiber, Ingo Mittelstaedt, Jeanno Gaussi and Katinka Pilscheur. The main focus of the presentation will be abstract and minimal works by Katinka Pilscheur and Arne Schreiber. Both artist will be exhibited first time in Turkey.

Lang/Baumann, Wave #2, Aluminium, Lacquer,
Open to the public since 2001 and located in Saint-Germain-des-Prés neighborhood, the Loevenbruck has changed locations and moved into a larger space of 130 m2 at 6, rue Jacques Callot, which is one block over from its previous address. The emblem, shortened to the signature title of Loevenbruck, lights up the facade for 10 meters and beckons you inside. In this new space, the gallery continues to promote the artists it represents with unprecedented works waiting to be discovered or rediscovered.

Opened in September 2014 with a solo exhibition of Bernd Lohaus, Daniel Marzona currently represents 10 artists from different generations who use a wide range of media while most of them can be considered as sculptors. All of them are working within a conceptual framework. The gallery is pleased to announce their first time participation in Contemporary Istanbul with a solo presentation of new works by Vajiko Chachkhiani (b. 1985 in Tbilisi, Georgia).

Galleries from the greater region include, ALAN Istanbul; x-ist; Galeri Baraz; Galeri Zilberman; Versus Art Project; Soda; Sanatorium; Rampa İstanbul; Redart Gallery; Pi Artworks; Piramid Sanat; Pg Art Gallery;  Mika Gallery; Galeri Nev; Mixer; Milk Gallery; MERKUR; Kare Art Gallery; Siyah-Beyaz; Galeri İlayda; Galeri 77; Gama Gallery; Gaia Gallery; Daire Sanat; The Empire Project; Dirimart; CEP Gallery; C.A.M.; Bozlu Art Project; Art350; artSümer; art ON; Doğançay Museum; Galeri\Miz; Armaggan Art and Design; Bozlu Art Project; Krampf Gallery.

Sara Mathiasson, Sussum,
Hand crochet hairnet and
braided hair on stryrofoam form,
2015, xavierlaboulbenne.
CI Focus: Contemporary Tehran— which each year showcases a cutting-edge selection of contemporary art from a specific geographic region or a relevant subject—will present outstanding galleries from Tehran with works by emerging and established artists such as Nasser Bakhshi (Aaran Gallery); Babak Roshaninejad (Assar Gallery); Ali Akbar Sadeghi (Shirin Gallery) and Houman Mortazavi (Dastan’s Basement). 

"We are thrilled to have Tehran as this year’s focus for Contemporary Istanbul,” said Ali Güreli, Founder & Chairman of Contemporary Istanbul. "This city has an incredible history and a strong emerging contemporary art scene which we want to present to the world. It has always been the interest of CI and its collectors to discover new artists and promote exciting art scenes from around the world. That is why we are excited that Tehran will have a strong presence this year at the fair.”

Some notable galleries participating in CI Focus: Contemporary Tehran are Assar Gallery; Aaran Gallery; Dastan’s Basement; Lajevardi Foundation - New Media Society; and Shirin Gallery.  

The list for the galleries at the general section for this year, is as follows: AB Gallery (Seoul); Analix Forever (Geneva); Antonio Colombo Arte Contemporanea (Milano); ALAN Istanbul (Istanbul); Aria Art Gallery (Florence); ARMAGGAN Art & Design (Istanbul); Art Lexing (Miami); art ON (Istanbul); artSumer (Istanbul); ART350 (Istanbul); Australia China Art Foundation (Shanghai); Galeri Baraz (Istanbul); Barbara Paci Galleria d'Arte (Pietrasanta); Berengo Studios (Venice); BERLINARTPROJECTS (Berlin); Galerie Bernard Ceysson (Paris); Bozlu Art Project (Istanbul); C.A.M Galeri (Istanbul); C24 Gallery (New York); Cep Gallery (Istanbul); Corridor Contemporary (Tel Aviv); Galeria Contrast (Barcelona); Daire Sanat (Istanbul); Daniel Marzona (Berlin); Dar Al-Anda Art (Amman); Dirimart (Istanbul); Dubner Moderne (Lausanne); Edition Purrmann (Grefrath); Emmanuel Fremin (New York); The Empire Project (Istanbul); l'étrangère (London); Faur Zsófi Galéria (Budapest); Frederic Got (Paris); Il Chiostro Arte Contemporanea (Saronno); Gaia Gallery (Istanbul); Gama Gallery (Istanbul); Galeri 77 (Istanbul); Galeri/Miz (Istanbul); Galerie Iragui (Moscow); Galeri İlayda (Istanbul); Kare Art Gallery (Istanbul); Karavil Contemporary (London); Galerie Koal (Berlin); König Galerie (Berlin); K+Y Gallery (Paris); Lazarides Gallery (London); Galerie Lelong (Paris); LICHT FELD Gallery (Basel); Galerie Loevenbruck (Paris); Mark Hachem Gallery (Paris); Marlborough Gallery (New York); MERKUR (Istanbul); Galerie Michael Schultz (Berlin); Mika Gallery (Tel Aviv); Milk Gallery (Istanbul); Mixer (Istanbul); Modus Art Gallery (Paris); Nasui Collection & Gallery (Bucharest); Galeri Nev (Istanbul); Project Artbeat (Tbilisi); PROPAGANDA (Warsaw); Galerie Paris-Beijing (Paris); Galleria Russo (Rome); Galería Rosa Santos (Valencia); Soda (Istanbul); Sanatorium (Istanbul); Rampa (Istanbul); Redart (Istanbul); Pi Artworks (Istanbul); Piramid Sanat (Istanbul); Pg Art Gallery (Istanbul); Siyah-Beyaz (Ankara); Versus Art Project (Istanbul); x-ist (Istanbul); Galeri Zilberman (Istanbul); Galeria Senda (Barcelona); Savina Gallery (St. Petersburg); Víctor Lope Arte Contemporáneo (Barcelona); Villa del Arte (Barcelona); Vogelsang Contemporary (Brussels); Yavuz Gallery (Singapore) and WHITE ROOM | LIQUID art system (Capri).

Plugin, Contemporary Istanbul’s section dedicated to new media is now in its 3rd edition. This year galleries, architecture and design studios and new media related initiatives, such as maker spaces, game labs, digital art collectives and project spaces will be gathered in a single space under a curatorial theme proposed by Dr. Ebru Yetişkin: "X-CHANGE”. 

Transcending beyond the binary distinctions of low-tech and high-tech, organic and inorganic, physical and digital, Plugin’s participants this year include: DAM Gallery (Berlin); Pearl Lam Galleries (Hong Kong- Shanghai-Singapore); Lajevardi Foundation – New Media Society (Tehran); LICHT FELD Gallery (Basel); Galeri Zilberman (Istanbul).

Building Bridges - Australia China Art Foundation
In a project coordinated by the Australia China Art Foundation (ACAF) for the 10th anniversary of Contemporary Istanbul the fair will host Chinese artists and galleries in both private and public spaces. 

ACAF will focus on Chinese artists for CI 2015, bringing a diverse and sometimes challenging group of art works and experiences to Istanbul. The collaboration will, in the future, extend to Australian artists and will also bring artists from Turkey and the Middle East to China and Australia. 

The presentation at CI 2015 will include artists Shao Yinong and Mu Chen, Ling Jian (all presented by the Australia China Art Foundation), Aaajiao (presented by Leo Xu Projects, Shanghai), Tao Hui (presented by Aike Dellarco Gallery, Shanghai), Yang Xin and Zheng Jiang (both presented by Space Station Gallery, Beijing). And, will include a group show, "Parade,” curated by art critic Aimee Lin---the metaphor of "parade” represents the national collective imagination of China’s modernity, politically and socially. Inspired by Mikhail Bakhtin's theory of the 'carnivalesque' style of literature, the aim of this project is to build up another kind of parade: the artistic parade of individual voices.

Visitor Information:
12-15 November 2015                                              
Preview 11 November 2015

14 Ekim 2015 Çarşamba


Samuel Palmer, Going to Evening Church,1874, Watercolour over pencil, heightened with bodycolour, 30x70 cm., Courtesy of The Fine Art Society.
Frieze Masters 2015 will offer an unparalleled opportunity to discover a world history of art, showcasing 130 leading modern and historical galleries including sections curated by Clara M Kim, Sir Norman Rosenthal and Clare Lilley (Director of Programme, Yorkshire Sculpture Park). An expanded programme of Talks will include Lawrence Weiner (artist), J. Tomilson Hill (collector), Annabelle Selldorf (architect),Wim Pijbes (General Director, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam) and Ali Smith (writer), among many others.
Taking place in London’s The Regent’s Park from 14–18 October 2015, in a bespoke structure designed by Selldorf Architects, Frieze Masters is supported by Main Sponsor Deutsche Bank for the fourth consecutive year, with Gucci as Associate Sponsor and sponsor of Frieze Masters Talks.

Léon Frédéric, Les Trois Soeurs, 1896, Oil on canvas,
120x95 cm., Courtesy of Jack Kilgore.
Several Thousand Years of Art
For the fourth edition of the fair, the world’s leading galleries will present an unrivalled qualtity, breadth and depth of work, from highly collectible objects to significant masterpieces.
In the main section of Frieze Masters, galleries continue the fair’s tradition of ambitious curated presentations, including solo exhibitions by modern masters Frank Auerbach (Marlborough Fine Art, London), Sam Gilliam (David Kordansky Gallery, Los Angeles), Richard Hamilton (Alan Cristea Gallery, London), Carmen Herrera (Lisson Gallery, London), Roy Lichtenstein (Castelli Gallery, London), Michelangelo Pistoletto (Galleria Continua, San Gimignano) and Kwon Young Woo (Tina Kim Gallery, New York & Kukje Gallery, Seoul), among others.

Andrew Edmunds (London) will present a monograph of works by 18th-century caricaturist James Gillray; whilst Les Enluminures (New York), taking part in the fair for the first time, will showcase Medieval and Renaissance manuscripts and finger rings, including one of the last richly illuminated manuscripts of Guillaume de Lorris & Jean de Meun’s Roman de la Rose remaining in private hands. Richard Nagy Ltd (London), also new to the fair, atmospheric interiors, richly curated to invoke historical periods or specific places. Once again, Helly Nahmad is working with a set designer on a spectacular presentation.

Egon Schiele, Seated semi-nude with hat and purple stockings,
1910, Black crayon, gouache and watercolour on paper,
45x32 cm., Courtesy of W_K, Wienerroither_Kohlbacher.
Richard Green’s (London) booth, inspired by the Cornish coastline, will feature paintings by Ben Nicholson and LS Lowry, as well as bronze sculptures by Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore; whilst Rupert Wace (London) will present a Greek Bronze Votive Horse (750-730 BC), an exceptional example of symbolic art from the Geometric period. More standout works include a pair of Japanese six-panel screens from the early 17th century (Sebastian Izzard LLC, New York) and a rare, recently restored portrait painting by Cornelis de Vos (1584-1651), presented by Salomon Lilian (Amsterdam).

A recent phenomenon, which encapsulates the spirit of Frieze Masters to juxtapose and embrace art of all periods, is a growing culture of shared stands. Hauser & Wirth and Moretti Fine Art (both London) will collaborate on ‘an ideal collection’ of works spanning the centuries, placing 14th-century Italian panels alongside the likes of Hans Arp and Louise Bourgeois; whilst Karsten Schubert and Tomasso Brothers Fine Art (both London) will juxtapose modern masterpieces by Bridget Riley with Old Master drawings and ancient portrait sculpture.

The new feature section Collections, curated by Sir Norman Rosenthal, will introduce various types of work to the fair, from an impressive selection of Japanese netsuke (Sydney Moss, London); to a 40-piece display of Italian maiolica from the 15th to 17th centuries (Bazaart, London). It will also include a collection of rare wooden Egyptian sculpture, including an exceptional large statue from the Fifth Dynasty (2500-2400 BC) (Sycomore Ancient Art, London).

Max Beckmann,
Selbstbildnis mit steifem Hut,
1921, Drypoint on paper,
31.3x24.4 cm., Courtesy of Simon Theobald.
The Spotlight section, curated for the first time by Clara M Kim and dedicated to solo presentations of 20th-century art, will reveal foundational moments in art through pioneering figures. These include Pop artists from Brazil and Japan – Wanda Pimentel with Anita Schwartz Galeria de Arte (Rio de Janeiro) and Keiichi Tanaami with Nanzuka (Tokyo). Visitors can also discover Global conceptualists of the American West Coast, such as Jess (Anglim Gilbert Gallery, San Francisco), and of Eastern Europe with Ana Lupas (P420, Bologna).

Sculpture Park
The Frieze Sculpture Park 2015 comprises 16 new and historical works, set in the English Gardens between Frieze Masters and Frieze London. Selected by Clare Lilley (Director of Programme, Yorkshire Sculpture Park) and with free public access, the Frieze Sculpture Park gives visitors to The Regent’s Park a rare opportunity to encounter exceptional sculpture and installation art by international artists in the open air.
Works for 2015 include: Lock (1976-7), a major installation by Richard Serra, which Peter Freeman (New York) will be shown for the first time publicly since it was exhibited at the Whitney Museum in 1976; Anri Sala’s Holey Wall (Should I Stay or Should I Go) (2014-15), remade for Frieze together with live performances originally commissioned for the 12th Havana Biennial (Galerie Chantal Crousel, Paris & Marian Goodman Gallery, London); a new solar-powered sound and light work by Haroon Mirza (Lisson Gallery, London); Earth Play (1979), Seung-Taek Lee’s monumental balloon model of the earth (Gallery Hyundai, Seoul); Open Screen (2014) by Carol Bove (David Zwirner, London) and an impressive 11th-14th Century AD pre-Ekoi monolith from Western Africa (Didier Claes, Brussels).
For the third year the Art Fund, the national fundraising charity for art, will develop a dedicated app for the Sculpture Park with detailed information on each of the sculptures and an audio guide by curator Clare Lilley.

Roy Lichtenstein, Surrealist Head, 1986,
Painted and patinated bronze,
20x71x44 cm., Courtesy of Castelli Gallery.
Frieze Masters Talks
In 2015 Frieze Masters Talks expands to feature nine conversations, co-programmed for the first time by Jennifer Higgie (Co-editor frieze and Editor, Frieze Masters magazine) who joins Jasper Sharp (Adjunct Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art at the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna). Frieze Masters Talks is supported by Gucci, Associate Sponsor of the fair.
Jasper Sharp said, ‘The programme planned for this year is the most comprehensive to date, with contributions from an international line-up of artists, curators, museum directors, dealers, critics and writers, all exploring the vital relationship between the art of the past and the present, its acquisition, creation and display.’
2015 participants include artists Michaël Borremans, Abraham Cruzvillegas, Ellen Gallagher and Lawrence Weiner, in conversation with museum curators Wim Pijbes (General Director, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam), Frederick Ilchman (Chair, Art of Europe at Museum of Fine Arts, Boston), Dr. Minna Moore Ede (Assistant Curator of Renaissance Paintings, National Gallery, London) and Colin Wiggins (Special Projects Curator, National Gallery, London). Five new panels exploring specialist sections of the fair and wider themes of collecting, curating and writing will feature Tomilson Hill (collector), Ali Smith (writer), Mark Godfrey (Senior Curator, International Art, Tate Modern, London), Melvin Edwards (artist), Pamela Joyner (collector) and Sjarel Ex (Director, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam), among many others.


Facebook, Twitter @FriezeLondon and Instagram @FriezeArtFair. (#Frieze).

Boris Mikhailov, Yesterday's Sandwich (plate 46), c.1966-1968, C-type print from dia, 90x130 cm., Courtesy of Sprovieri.

Joseph Beuys, Schlitten, 1969, Thomas Dane Gallery.


Rodrigo Matheus, Coqueiro Chorão, 2014, potted bamboo plant, 207 x 300 cm, 1 1/2 x 118 1/8 in. Courtesy of the artist & ibid., London.
The 13th edition of Frieze London takes place in The Regent’s Park, London from 14–17 October 2015. Frieze London is sponsored by Deutsche Bank for the 12th consecutive year, celebrating a shared commitment to discovery.
Unrivalled in quality, range and depth, Frieze London 2015 provides a discerning perspective on contemporary art, utilising the expertise of leading curators including Nicola Lees (Curator, 31st Biennial of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana), Clare Lilley (Director of Programme, Yorkshire Sculpture Park) and Gregor Muir (Executive Director, ICA, London) across its feature sections and programme.

GUAN Xiao, Sunset, 2012,
Installation, Lightbox photo,
wood, metal, artificial flowers,
reisin, Dimensions variable.
Courtesy of the artist & Antenna Space,
From the emerging to the iconic
For the 13th edition, 164 galleries from 27 countries will present the work of some of today’s most significant and exciting contemporary artists.
In the main section, solo presentations include Camille Henrot (Galerie Kamel Mennour, Paris); Chris Martin (Anton Kern Gallery, New York); Ken Okiishi (Pilar Corrias, London); Xu Qu (Almine Rech Gallery, London) and Mary Weatherford (David Kordansky Gallery, Los Angeles) while, returning to Frieze London, Simon Lee Gallery (London) presents a sequence of three specially conceived solo presentations by Valerie Snobeck, Toby Ziegler and Heimo Zobering, changing the stand over the course of the fair. Other notable presentations include 42 sculptures on a forest of plinths (Hauser & Wirth, London), new works made by artists in dialogue with architect Luis Barragán’s iconic House and Studio in Mexico City (Taka Ishii Gallery, Tokyo) and a stand dedicated to Abraham Cruzvillegas and Jimmie Durham (kurimanzutto, Mexico City) – both of whom will have significant exhibitions at London institutions during the fair.

Evolving into the definitive destination for young galleries, the Focus section, advised by curators Raphael Gygax (Migros Museum, Zurich) and Jacob Proctor (Neubauer Collegium for Culture and Society, University of Chicago), offers a chance to discover exciting emerging talents. Solo stands include an historic installation by recently rediscovered Polish artist Maria Pininska-Beres (David Radziszweski, Warsaw); a new film installation by Amie Siegel, developing the themes of her 2014 presentation at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York (Simon Preston, New York); a floor-based ‘water relief’ by young UK talent Samara Scott (The Sunday Painter, London) and a multifaceted ceramic presentation by another up-and-coming British artist, Jesse Wine (Limoncello, London).

Samara Scott, Harvest, Installation View, The Sunday Painter 2015. Courtesy of the artist & The Sunday Painter.
The Live section develops from its critically acclaimed debut to encompass varied formats, including: portrait sittings with an humorous outcome by Ken Kagami (Misako & Rosen, Tokyo); an auditorium-based choreography by Edward Thomasson & Lucy Beech (Southard Reid, London); a re-enactment of Xifopagas Capilares (1984), a rare work by Tunga (Galeria Franco Noero, Turin and Luhring Augustine, New York) and an intimate, installation-based encounter by Amalia Ulman (Arcadia Missa, London). For the first time, Live is also curated by Raphael Gygax and Jacob Proctor.

Harold Ancart, Untitled, 2015,
Oil stick and pencil on canvas
on wood panel,
artist’s frame 113 x 81 in.
Courtesy of the artist and
 CLEARING, New York & Brussels.
Sculpture Park
The Frieze Sculpture Park 2015 comprises 16 new and historical works, set in the English Gardens between Frieze Masters and Frieze London. Selected by Clare Lilley (Director of Programme, Yorkshire Sculpture Park) and with free public access, the Frieze Sculpture Park gives visitors to The Regent’s Park a rare opportunity to encounter exceptional sculpture and installation art by international artists in the open air.
Works for 2015 include: Lock (1976-7), a major installation by Richard Serra, which Peter Freeman (New York) will be shown for the first time publicly since it was exhibited at the Whitney Museum in 1976; Anri Sala’s Holey Wall (Should I Stay or Should I Go) (2014-15), remade for Frieze together with live performances originally commissioned for the 12th Havana Biennial (Galerie Chantal Crousel, Paris & Marian Goodman Gallery, London); a new solar-powered sound and light work by Haroon Mirza (Lisson Gallery, London); Earth Play (1979), Seung-Taek Lee’s monumental balloon model of the earth (Gallery Hyundai, Seoul); Open Screen (2014) by Carol Bove (David Zwirner, London) and an impressive 11th-14th Century AD pre-Ekoi monolith from Western Africa (Didier Claes, Brussels).
For the third year the Art Fund, the national fundraising charity for art, will develop a dedicated app for the Sculpture Park with detailed information on each of the sculptures and an audio guide by curator Clare Lilley.

Frieze Artist Award
The winner of the second Frieze Artist Award, also supported by LUMA Foundation and which invites an artist to create a site-specific artwork at Frieze London under the auspices of Frieze Projects, is Rachel Rose. Based in New York, Rose will create a scale-model of the fair structure, in which lighting and sound design will simulate the sonic and visual sense frequencies of animals inhabiting The Regent’s Park. Concurrent with the fair, Rose is the subject of a solo exhibition at London’s Serpentine Gallery (1st October — 8th November 2015).


Facebook, Twitter @FriezeLondon and Instagram @FriezeArtFair. (#Frieze).


Sevil Dolmacı.

Sevil Dolmacı’nın kurduğu, Türkiye’deki ilk Sanat Yatırım ve Proje Danışmanlık Şirketi, Nişantaşı Narmanlı Apartmanı’nda açıldı.

Son yıllarda sanata olan ilginin hızla artması ve sanatla var olma yarışı, kurumsal bir yapılanma gerekliliğini de beraberinde getirdi. Bu gereklilik, 2013 yılında kurulan ve kısa sürede nitelikli projelere imza atan SEVİL DOLMACI Proje ve Sanat Yatırım Danışmanlığı’nın iki yıl gibi kısa bir süre içinde anonim şirketi olmasını sağladı.
Türkiye’de geçmişi çok gerilere gitmeyen sanat alanında galerici, müzayede evi koleksiyoner, sanatçı ve art dealer arasında eğitimli profesyonel bir danışmanlık sisteminin yer almayışı, böyle bir yapının hiçbir zaman kurumsallaşmamış olması günümüzde sanata olan ilginin artışı ve bu türden profesyonellere duyulan ihtiyaçların olduğunun deneyimlenmesi sonucu bu unvan ile 10 yıldır Türkiye’nin önde gelen koleksiyonlarında çalışan, akademik kökenli Sevil Dolmacı Türkiye’de ilk olarak Sanat Yatırım ve Proje Danışmanlık Şirketi’ni kurdu. Sanatın kalbinin attığı Nişantaşı’nın önemli tarihi binalarından Narmanlı Apartmanı’nda büyümeyi hedeflediği kadrosu ile kapılarını açtı.
Sevil Dolmacı Art Consultancy, galeri, koleksiyoner, sanatçı, müzayede evi ve artdealer’lar için  bir havuz sistemini oluşturmaya çalışan bir yapıyı hedeflemekte.

Sevil Dolmacı Sanat Yatırım ve Proje Danışmanlık Şirketi, Nişantaşı Narmanlı Apartmanı’nda hizmet veriyor.

SEVİL DOLMACI’nın kadrosunda konusunda deneyimli, yurt dışı eğitimi ve çalışma hayatı olan, Avrupa ve Amerika’daki önemli sanat kurumlarında çalışmalar yürütmüş sanat profesyonelleri yer alıyor.
Uluslararası sanat pazarının güçlü oyuncuları ve kurumları ile olan ilişkileri ve sanat danışmanlığı konusundaki deneyimleri, SEVİL DOLMACI’ya alanında yeni, trendleri yakalayan ve açılımları olan profesyonel bir perspektif sunuyor.

SEVİL DOLMACI hizmet alanı olarak kurumsal koleksiyon ve müzelere odaklanıyor. Türkiye’de müze sayısının yakın gelecekte artacağı ve koleksiyonların kurumsallaşacağını öngörerek oluşturduğu kapsamlı hizmet kategorisi ve uluslararası ekibiyle, deneyimlerini paylaşarak hizmet veriyor.

Kurumlara Verilen Hizmetler
·         Hastane, alışveriş merkezi, spor kulübü, merkezi ve otel projelerinde sanatsal tüm organizasyon ve yapılandırma işlerinin yürütülmesi
·         Konsept belirleme ve küratöryal düzenleme: Eserlerin seçimi, mekana göre düzenlenmesi ve teknik desteğin organize edilmesi.
·         Kar amacı gütmeyen sergileme projeleri
·         Mekan içi galeri kurulumu, yapılandırması ve hazır olarak teslimi
·         Sanatçıya, mekana özel iş sipariş edilmesi
·         Heykel Parkı projeleri: Golf kulüpleri, binicilik alanları, şarap bağları gibi şehir merkezinden uzak boş alanlarda sanatsal mekanlar yaratmak.
·         Sergi ve davet organizasyonları
·         Satın alımların gerçekleştirilmesi
·         Türkiye’ye uyarlama müze projeleri
·         Envanter Kaydı sistemi ile koleksiyonu kronolojik, üslupsal, teknik vb. özelliklerine göre kategorize ederek hazır sergi konseptleri oluşturma
·         Yapılan mimari projelerde ticari galeriler veya kar amacı gütmeyen sergi alanları yaratmak.

Sevil Dolmacı ve sanatçı Ekrem Yalçındağ.
Ticari veya kar amacı gütmeyen galerilere ve sanatçılara verilen hizmetler
·         Küratöryal hizmetler: Eserlerin seçimi, mekana göre düzenlenmesi ve teknik desteğin organize edilmesi.
·         Danışmanlık hizmeti
·         Uluslararası sergi değişimine aracılık etme
·         Ekip oluşturma
·         Ekspertiz ve restorasyon hizmetleri
·         Sanat sigortaları için fiyat ekspertizliği
·         Ticari bir işletme olarak galeri mekanının mimar ile birlikte güncel uluslararası sergileme standartları konusunda bilgilendirilmesi.
·         Galeri konsepti, vizyon ve misyonun belirlenmesi
·         Sergi stratejisinin oluşturulması
·         Sanatçı yönlendirmesinin yapılması
·         Ana hatlarıyla paket bir kurulum ve yapılanma hazırlanması
·         Kar amacı gütmeyen sergi alanlarının oluşturulması
·         Projeye uygun çok amaçlı sergi alanlarının yaratılması
·         Sergi ve davet organizasyonu paketi hazırlanması
·         Mimari alanların doğal sergileme mekanlarına dönüştürülmesi
·         Koleksiyon oluşturma
·         İç tasarıma sanatsal destek: Konsept belirlemek, konsepte uygun sanat eseri seçimi, küratöryal düzenleme ve sanatçılara mekana özel iş yaptırmak.

Bireysel hizmetler;
·         Yaşam alanı düzenleme
·         Kişiye özel koleksiyon oluşturma
·         Ulusal ve uluslararası müzayedelerde, var olan koleksiyonu yapılandırma, kategorize etme ve sergileme
·         Sanatsal davet ve organizasyonlar konusunda danışmanlık

Sevil Dolmacı / Kurucu: Akademisyen kökenli olan Sevil Dolmacı, master ve doktorasını sanat tarihi üzerine yaptı ve Londra Kraliyet Akademisi’nde çağdaş sanat eğitimi aldı.
On yılı aşkın süredir büyük koleksiyonlara sanat danışmanlığı hizmeti veriyor. Demsa Sanat Danışmanlığı ve Müze Projesi, St. Regis Hotel Projesi, Demirören Group Sanat Danışmanlığı, Kemer Country Golf Kulübü’nün Sanat Projeleri, Nidya Oteller, Taş Yapı Sanat Projeleri, Emay İnşaat, Portakal ÇiçeğiSanat Organizasyonu Kurulumu ve Yapılandırması, Ukrayna Stedley Kolkesiyonu Türkiye İlişkileri Sanat Danışmanlığı, Kabakçı Koleksiyonu Sanat Danışmanlığı gibi büyük ve önemli projelere imza atarken, önemli isimlerin koleksiyonlarına da destek vermeye devam ediyor.

Rüya Arıman / Genel Koordinatör: Brüksel’de sanat tarihi eğitimi aldı, Christie’s Müzayede Evi’nde çalıştı, Yapı Kredi Kültür Sanat’ta, Vedat Nedim Tör Müzesi’nde ve Kâzım Taşkent Sanat Galerisi’nde koordinatör olarak hizmet verdi.

Nimet Şahingiray / Sanat Danışmanı: Müzayede ilişkileri, koleksiyon oluşturma ve yapılandırma konularında uzman. Notre Dame de Sion Lisesi mezunu, yüksek eğitimini Lausanne İş İdaresi ve Ticaret Okulu’nda tamamladı. 1985-1987 arası Portakal Müzayede Evi’nde çalıştı. 1987 sonrası Londra Sotheby’sde islam Sanatı kurslarına katılarak eğitimini derinleştirdi. Döndüğünde tekrar Portakal Müzayede Evi’nde müzayede organizasyonu ve sanat kursları düzenledi. 2006-2012 arası Demsa Group adına koleksiyon ve müze altyapısını oluşturmak üzere çalıştı.

Katherina Mato: Oxford Üniversitesi Sanat Tarihi Bölümü mezunu. Londra’daki fuar, müze ve galerilerden sorumlu sanat profesyoneli.

Lars Malmberg: Avrupa, özellikle de Zürih, Basel, Cenevre gibi şehirlerdeki sanat ağında etkili bir isim. Zürih’te Proart Galeri’nin sahibi. 30 yıllık bir geçmişe sahip. Sam Francis, Jim Dine gibi önemli isimlerle 200’ün üzerinde sergi düzenlemiş.

Thomas Arnold: Amerika’da çağdaş sanat konusunda danışmanlık hizmeti veriyor. Asya Contemporary Art Fair NY’un direktörlüğünü yaptı. Mary Boone Galeri’de on dört yıl yöneticilik yaptı. Son olarak Leila Heller Galeri’de (NY) yönetici olarak galeriye destek verdi.

Rüya Arıman
0535 652 16 81
T. 0212 258 95 85
Maçka Cad. Narmanlı Apt. No 24/32

Teşvikiye, 34365 İstanbul Türkiye